Sunday, December 1, 2013

Don't Vote To A Candidate Who Blocks Roads For His Campaigns

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Don't ever give your vote to your local leader if his 'chamchas' have organized his rally or meeting or a gathering for his election campaign. A 'so called' leader who is standing for a local win and seeking your valuable votes to attain that win is supposed to be brainy enough to understand what gives pain to his locale voters and what he should not do to increase their pains.

Just encountered such an incident while coming back home and found one side of a double lane road is blocked with chairs and tents with people sitting and waiting for their so called leader who will win and take away all their pains of life. The other half of the road was being used to accommodate two way traffic (one lane for each). Wondering if this guy coming to convince people to 'donate' their votes to him so that he wins his seat, is such a shameless creature who is meeting with the same people and begging with an eye to eye contact, while at the same time making their life tougher by making traffic condition worse just for sake of it.

Had he some 'little' brain, he could have conducted his rally in the same place in a nearby park. Also wondering how local administrations allow and sanction such 'on road' rallies or political meetings. Do they have right to make those people's life painful, from whose tax money they get their hefty salaries.

I call it political garbage...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why Rahul Could See Mayawati But Not The Dying People In Seemandhra

One thing is sure that the aspirant Prime Ministerial candidates and the existing central ruling Congress government under the front and back control by Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi respectively are not at all concerned with the bleeding issues of India and dying humanity in terms of the last few days riots, losses and deaths in Seemandhra due to division of Andhra Pradesh by the government in wake of coming elections next year.

Even if some foolish decision has been taken for some greedy mission, it is always better to move back if the losses being incurred are higher than the gains being anticipated. But that is possible only for the
people with HEART. Here it is all dirty game and nobody is bothered about such things. More so, Rahul Gandhi is more concerned with Mayawati telling her that since she has become chief of her party, no new Dalit leader has been given a chance.

Now can Rahul Gandhi tell how many youth leaders have been groomed to replace Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh except the one name of Rahul Gandhi and the same old men waiting with their mouth open and tongue rolled out with eyes set on the seat

Karan Thapar: Please Stop Lousy Articles On HT Every Sunday

In one of his October posts on Sunday edition of Hindustan Times, Karan Thapar wrote of neglecting both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi as PMs based on some baseless opinion. Every other Sunday his solo article being published in HT carries not much of significance in any sense these days. I am not sure whether HT is lacking good writers and stuff to fill their pages or KT (Karan Thapar) has stopped thinking and producing good material to post.

One thing good that HT does is sparing themselves out of it by putting a disclaimer that whatever is posted by Karan Thapar is solely his own opinion and HT has no role in that. This kind of disclaimers help in directing your love (or hatred) towards the article writer, depending on the stuff he produces based on which the readers get influenced or dragged away from the writer. Why I still keep reading his article is because I have seen his early days aggressive interviews he
used to conduct under "Devils Advocate" and other programs; and still dream that if not this Sunday, next Sunday he would definitely produce something useful.

But this keeps going week after week and I still keep my fingers crossed that if maybe next week he will certainly count his every week marks that are below expectations and probably would try to improve his next article with some substantial stuff.

If we take today's article - he is attacking NaMo on some baseless reasons while challenging his knowledge on China, World and India. There are few things to be considered by Karan Thapar before putting such stupid, baseless, senseless and satirical allegations on the knowledge of the most eligible Prime Ministerial Candidate as of today for the forthcoming elections in 2014. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Rahul-Sonia Sarkar Gone Blind And Deaf When My Country Is Burning

Seemandhra and Telangana i the latest breakup done by government to break country further rather than uniting it with a purpose of pleasing some allies without having any proper assessment process in place to understand how much risk lies with the lives of people of those places. How much loss has happened so far, how many lives gone, how many kids, women and old people have suffered due to this - is none of the concerns of the wisdom of Congress.

And now when all this chaos is happening for last so many days, all of the wise people of Congress including the party president Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, and the prime
ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi. They have lost their thinking powers, lost their power to speak and lost their mind to take any action in this direction. It seems they are least bothered about all this and don't seem to realize the loss in property and families happening for so many days.

And what has made the other leaders of the country so numb to react and raise their voice. Everyone has made a mockery of this country by becoming selfish and strategist to build their vote bank.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Karan Thapar This Is About PM Of India Not Class Monitor

In today's Hindustan Times there is an article on P14 by Karan Thapar titled Neither Modi Nor Rahul Should Be PM. The article says that both these gentlemen Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi don't deserve to be the Prime Monister of India. And the basis for both rejections is just one incidence each. Narendra Modi is being rejected because he reacted hurriedly to the Pakistani journalist's tweet remarking Indian Prime Minister as Village Woman. Rajiv Gandhi has been rejected on the basis of his outburst on Prime Minister regarding Ordinance Bill.

Mr Karan Thapar, I have been watching your programs since my childhood and really admired the way you used to interview politicians with crunching and grinding teeth and fully blown nostrils. These styles
used to fulfill the requirement of comedy shows those days that were not there. Now tell me how just on these just two silly mistakes made by the two gentlemen one each, how justified is it to reject them for the prime ministerial candidature. What it means that if any of the politician or even a non politician scores good marks in your one activity task by not getting prompted by a tweet without verifying it or blasting openly on any of the Ordinance Bills being undertaken by Manmohan Singh, he or she will become eligible to be the next Prime Minister of India?

One more thing comes into my mind that we can carry out this assessment now onward on daily basis. Everyday we assess Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi on their previous day's activities and declare if they are eligible to be the Prime Minister on the basis of that day's score. And the cumulative score will decide their candidature at the end. 

We will name this assessment as KTA - Karan Thapar Assessment. Wondering what will happen if Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi tie in heir scores - Will both become Prime Minister?

I have a request to you Mr Thapar. Since you are a very senior journalist and media celebrity, please don't write such lengthy articles in Hindustan Times or elsewhere just to fill the space without keeping in mind your reputation and earlier achievements. Even these type of articles where you assess the two gentlemen for Prime Ministerial candidature - assess them on more grounded parameters like their achievements, contribution to country's progress, connect factor with public and many more that I can suggest you.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Haiku: Sonia Gandhi

She said "You spoke too hard Rahul against PM"
He mistook it to be Poor Manmohan
Family conflict overtook Nation's pains, as usual.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Men's Singles: Manmohan Singh Vs Nawaz Sharif In the United States

So It's men's singles today in the United States between Manmohan Singh and Nawaz Sharif. Both players don't see each other eye to eye. Both of them belong to neighboring countries but don't behave as neighbors. As the latter is really 'Sharif' (gentleman) in his character so is former quite straightforward, get going and self driven. Nawaz does not require any backup and moral support from ISI. Similarly Manmohan is not at all dependent on Sonia Gandhi on taking his decisions about welfare of his country.

None of the earlier matches played between these two players have been able to draw out results. All matches have gone drawn with both player's having 0-0 from all the ties so far.

What will Manmohan talk about with Nawaz. Will be it be a straightforward, to the point, crisp talk about no tolerance for any firing on border, terrorism in our country, and any other shameful activities they plan against us; or will it be a gossip over evening tea in one of the best places in New York. 

NOTA In The Country Of Netas

India is a rich country, rich in terms of uncontrolled corruption, unsafe life, child abuse, unprotected women, dying economy and many more areas. All this is because of the public of India. We as public of India, select our state and national candidates in full faith towards them that yes, this is the person who will take my country to new level where there will be enough oxygen, air, space and water for each and every citizen. But these buggers when get elected start filling their body, houses, offices, overseas lockers with all this oxygen, air, water, space etc. at the cost of public and country.

For Elections 2014 Election Commission has come out with a fantastic idea of adding a button "NOTA" (none of the above) in all EVMs (electronic voting machines). The logic is that when you go for voting and find all candidates useless you can click on this button that says "I am voting but did not find any candidate listed here worthy of my vote, and hence I click on None of the Above". On one hand it does a lot but on the other hand it still allows wolves to enter your house and attack on you. That is what these Netas do after getting elected, they start eating my country's flesh, creating lot of wounds on the body of my country everywhere.

How is goes? If a location has say 100 voters with 3 candidates contesting. 99 of the voters if press NOTA and 1 voter clicks on one of the candidates - that candidate is declared as winner. Though this will be a very shameful situation for all the 3 Netas contesting and also insulting that 100% voters rejected 2 candidates and 99% rejected the third one. 

But Neta means a person who doesn't have any self respect, so this insult does not matter to them. 

What A Fantastic Entry By Rahul Gandhi In Movie Elections 2014 For PM Candidature

He is vice president of Congress Party, the one which is ruling India for years and years and is responsible for all this great progress in the country on local and global front that has grown exponentially. And this great progress has happened in areas of Corruption, Poverty, Insecurity, Doomed Economy, Drooping Industrial Growth and so many other pearls in their possession.

Well it is amazing that Rahul Gandhi was not aware about the Ordinance that Manmohan Singh and company was about to get cleared and would have been a big shame for country. Ordinance is about protecting criminals to carry on in politics even if they have severe cases against them. The ordinance would
have taken its shape from sapling to a plant under the shelter of Sonia Gandhi only. Only then it would have been allowed to be taken by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to market it.

And all of a sudden there is a radiant entry of Rahul Gandhi declaring this Ordinance as 'Complete Nonsense' with only one treatment to be given to it - 'Torn up and Throw away'. Good that everything has gone as per plan and Congress it thinking that with this entry of Rahul, TRP of Congress on Indian Public channel will boom assuring winning of Congress in Elections 2014 and Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister.

Excellent script, direction and story by Congress! So Rahul Gandhi means to declare that now it is becoming difficult for Manmohan Singh to handle this country? What about Sonia G?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sattire: Who will be Congress Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 Elections

Will it be someone 70 plus standing in 2014 elections as a projected prime minister on behalf of Congress? If it is true then there is going to be a big fight among so many contenders. Most of the stalwarts in Congress have gone into legacy box and are dwindling around this age. Moreover whosoever it would be, blessing from Sonia Gandhi is also a major factor. Who knows what she has in her mind? Is she really aware about the crisis country is facing? Does she still think in Italian? Or her thoughts directly come to her mind in Hindi? Or if her thoughts have taken a middle path - English?

If Congress thinks of a younger candidate for prime minister for coming general elections - the name that any congress loyalist will say is of Rahul Gandhi. But this name appears so faint and blurred when you try finding out this name in last few years calendars that you will not be able to find a single date when this man has put a powerful impact or impression. So then who?

May be the duo of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi carries on as the instruments played by them are in full harmony for years now. Though Manmohan Singh feels happy that he also has an instrument to play but Sonia knows well that the instrument given to him is dummy having no sounds of its own. So it is only one instrument that is playing right now throughout Congress.

Sattire: Nitish Kumar: NaMo Wave Is Air Through A Blower, Not A Natural Air

Dear Nitish Kumar,

Just read your comments on Narendra Modi. First thing for you to understand is that you are holding charge of a state of India, as Chief Minister of Bihar where a lot is to be done still. Under such circumstances how do you get time to criticize others. Second is that when there are so many days left for elections, you should not start crying so early. As a matter of fact you cannot keep changing diaper of a baby just on the basis of imagining that he has pee-ed in it.

By the way when the whole country is suffocating and sweating, even if the air is through a blower, it is more than welcome. You are telling that NaMo wave is not out of natural air. Now tell me, where is the natural air left in this country? If we talk of your state - are you having some facts with you about how many beedis/ cigarettes are consumed per street in your Bihar? How many bottles of liquor? And then under or over consumption of unhygienic food - all this calls for so much of passage of polluted air from upper and lower exit points. So in a way you must be thankful that you are getting air - even it is from a powerful blower.

It is good to learn that you are feeling the air on your face even when the blower is too far from you right now. Your statement itself proves that you are feeling the heat of the wave and are worried. It is something like a kid sitting in front of a TV starts shouting - "I don't fear from Lion", when a lion appears on screen. But the difference here is that lion is real and you know it well.

One last thing. The person against whom you have commented is far superior than you in many ways. So you should learn about not to show disrespect for senior and brilliant students in the school. There are so many more to crib about, if you really are in mood of criticizing someone and have enough time to do that. Just have a look at the condition of our country and report card of central government.

Just keep a watch when this air converts to storm and blows away all those politicians who can not stand firm on ground or who have become so weightless by losing their integrity and concern for this country and countrymen. 

Rs 2 For Wheat, Rs 3 For Rice: Did We Hear Right Ms Sheila Dixit

Elections and nearing, to happen in 2014. That is increasing the intensity and volume of generosity of Delhi Government. The hunger has still not died even after 15 years of ruling and enjoying power. Fear of going powerless is quite gloomy and frustrating. Politics within politics keeps growing. Voices are raising that 15 years is enough, now let someone else come, if by any chance party wins in Delhi.

When rapes happen in the city, there is complete mum in the power arena as if there are only voiceless dead bodies there. But when it is elections time, there need to be some stunt and propaganda for sure. An ad keeps coming on FM radio stations regarding availability of Wheat for Rs 2 per kg and Rice for Rs 3 per kg; for the families having annual income less than a lac. There is a toll free number also announced there. Some points to ponder here are - for grabbing votes, any party has exact information of intensity of what age group and what income group residing where. But for the schemes, there is no such information, the person who lies in this category has to approach some office to get a special ration card made which will be in the name of eldest woman in the house.

Where are these offices? What all documents required to be submitted there? What is the timeline for getting this card made? Who ensures that only genuine cards are made with no power/ politics/ administrative pressures? What locations are availability points for Rs 2 per kg wheat and Rs 3 per kg rice? Who control those shops and ensure the material goes in right hands? What is the quality of this Wheat and Rice? How many cards have been made so far? How many applications are pending for more than a week and for what reason? 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

DU Election Results: NaMo Factor Strongly Emerging Across Nation

ABVP, the student faction of RSS in Delhi University, had a clean sweep in recent elections. ABVP grabbed three of the four main seats of President, Vice President (VP), and Joint Secretary (JT) in recent DUSU (Delhi University Students Union) elections 2013. The results were declared on Saturday 14th September 2013 thereby defeating NSUI (National Students Union of India), the student component of Congress Party.

These results clearly show that the clarity that was missing in BJP regarding their leadership, brought in by declaring Narender Modi (NaMo) as their main contender for Prime Ministerial post for National Elections to be held in 2014, has started giving positive results to BJP. There was a long silence probably due to the internal debate happening within BJP-RSS for declaring NaMo's name. But once it is done, it has brought a fresh wave in favor of BJP by bringing these results of DUSU.