Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Rahul-Sonia Sarkar Gone Blind And Deaf When My Country Is Burning

Seemandhra and Telangana i the latest breakup done by government to break country further rather than uniting it with a purpose of pleasing some allies without having any proper assessment process in place to understand how much risk lies with the lives of people of those places. How much loss has happened so far, how many lives gone, how many kids, women and old people have suffered due to this - is none of the concerns of the wisdom of Congress.

And now when all this chaos is happening for last so many days, all of the wise people of Congress including the party president Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, and the prime
ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi. They have lost their thinking powers, lost their power to speak and lost their mind to take any action in this direction. It seems they are least bothered about all this and don't seem to realize the loss in property and families happening for so many days.

And what has made the other leaders of the country so numb to react and raise their voice. Everyone has made a mockery of this country by becoming selfish and strategist to build their vote bank.

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  1. What has happened in Andhra is disheartening and the way the centre has handled this issue is disappointing. you're right. They are selfish!