Sunday, October 9, 2011

Congress Party General Secretary Digvijay Singh Admits Corruption in Congress Openly

Digvijay Singh, the general secretary of Sonia Gandhi led Congress Party, has admitted openly about corruption in the party on large scale, while addressing people in a public function held in Agra on October 9 2011. Reciprocating on the statement of Anna Hazare to not to favor the Congress party candidate in Hissar Lok Sabha by-elections in Haryana State, to be held on 13th.

Anna Hazare has also appealed to public to oppose all congress candidates in any of the upcoming elections now onward if the much debated Lokpal bill is not cleared in the coming Winter Session of the Parliament. Congress is the main roadblock in clearing this bill probably out of fear of their exposure and face saving tactics.

BJP on the other hand has openly declared to give unconditional support Hazare proposed Lokpal bill in parliament. Hazare has warned BJP also to face the same campaign in next year's elections in UP, if they also fail to adhere to what they are saying.

It was an open declaration by Digvijay Singh in Agra when he was pointing out Anna Hazare's appeal to public for defeating Congress Candidate in Hisar by saying that though his party and candidates are full of corruption but other party's candidates are also not clean chit in that matter. At least he has admitted openly, the party knows and admits that it is not anti Corruption.

Is Digvijay Singh campaigning against Congress within Congress. Is he the Vibhishan in a Party that is known for sheltering, mushrooming, favoring and growing CORRUPTION in INDIA for years now.