Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Rahul-Sonia Sarkar Gone Blind And Deaf When My Country Is Burning

Seemandhra and Telangana i the latest breakup done by government to break country further rather than uniting it with a purpose of pleasing some allies without having any proper assessment process in place to understand how much risk lies with the lives of people of those places. How much loss has happened so far, how many lives gone, how many kids, women and old people have suffered due to this - is none of the concerns of the wisdom of Congress.

And now when all this chaos is happening for last so many days, all of the wise people of Congress including the party president Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, and the prime
ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi. They have lost their thinking powers, lost their power to speak and lost their mind to take any action in this direction. It seems they are least bothered about all this and don't seem to realize the loss in property and families happening for so many days.

And what has made the other leaders of the country so numb to react and raise their voice. Everyone has made a mockery of this country by becoming selfish and strategist to build their vote bank.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Karan Thapar This Is About PM Of India Not Class Monitor

In today's Hindustan Times there is an article on P14 by Karan Thapar titled Neither Modi Nor Rahul Should Be PM. The article says that both these gentlemen Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi don't deserve to be the Prime Monister of India. And the basis for both rejections is just one incidence each. Narendra Modi is being rejected because he reacted hurriedly to the Pakistani journalist's tweet remarking Indian Prime Minister as Village Woman. Rajiv Gandhi has been rejected on the basis of his outburst on Prime Minister regarding Ordinance Bill.

Mr Karan Thapar, I have been watching your programs since my childhood and really admired the way you used to interview politicians with crunching and grinding teeth and fully blown nostrils. These styles
used to fulfill the requirement of comedy shows those days that were not there. Now tell me how just on these just two silly mistakes made by the two gentlemen one each, how justified is it to reject them for the prime ministerial candidature. What it means that if any of the politician or even a non politician scores good marks in your one activity task by not getting prompted by a tweet without verifying it or blasting openly on any of the Ordinance Bills being undertaken by Manmohan Singh, he or she will become eligible to be the next Prime Minister of India?

One more thing comes into my mind that we can carry out this assessment now onward on daily basis. Everyday we assess Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi on their previous day's activities and declare if they are eligible to be the Prime Minister on the basis of that day's score. And the cumulative score will decide their candidature at the end. 

We will name this assessment as KTA - Karan Thapar Assessment. Wondering what will happen if Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi tie in heir scores - Will both become Prime Minister?

I have a request to you Mr Thapar. Since you are a very senior journalist and media celebrity, please don't write such lengthy articles in Hindustan Times or elsewhere just to fill the space without keeping in mind your reputation and earlier achievements. Even these type of articles where you assess the two gentlemen for Prime Ministerial candidature - assess them on more grounded parameters like their achievements, contribution to country's progress, connect factor with public and many more that I can suggest you.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Haiku: Sonia Gandhi

She said "You spoke too hard Rahul against PM"
He mistook it to be Poor Manmohan
Family conflict overtook Nation's pains, as usual.

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