Saturday, September 28, 2013

What A Fantastic Entry By Rahul Gandhi In Movie Elections 2014 For PM Candidature

He is vice president of Congress Party, the one which is ruling India for years and years and is responsible for all this great progress in the country on local and global front that has grown exponentially. And this great progress has happened in areas of Corruption, Poverty, Insecurity, Doomed Economy, Drooping Industrial Growth and so many other pearls in their possession.

Well it is amazing that Rahul Gandhi was not aware about the Ordinance that Manmohan Singh and company was about to get cleared and would have been a big shame for country. Ordinance is about protecting criminals to carry on in politics even if they have severe cases against them. The ordinance would
have taken its shape from sapling to a plant under the shelter of Sonia Gandhi only. Only then it would have been allowed to be taken by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to market it.

And all of a sudden there is a radiant entry of Rahul Gandhi declaring this Ordinance as 'Complete Nonsense' with only one treatment to be given to it - 'Torn up and Throw away'. Good that everything has gone as per plan and Congress it thinking that with this entry of Rahul, TRP of Congress on Indian Public channel will boom assuring winning of Congress in Elections 2014 and Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister.

Excellent script, direction and story by Congress! So Rahul Gandhi means to declare that now it is becoming difficult for Manmohan Singh to handle this country? What about Sonia G?

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