Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PM Narendra Modi With Mann Ki Baat 2: Heart to Heart Interaction From Prime Minister of India

This was the second broadcast from Radio - the largest media to reach to the remotest of the locations where even internet, television and other electronic media have not yet been able to reach. The initiatives and ground level realities would have been well praised by Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose; had they been witnessing it. They well would be doing it from heavens, for sure. Probably this is something that the politicians born with silver spoon in mouth would have never realized, its gravity, its emotional connect with each and every citizen of the country. 

I admire Narendra Modi not for his walk the talk attitude, non insulting behavior for any of the opposition leaders (without any reason) and straightforwardness. The second broadcast had some key points for everyone. Obviously the goals attached to these initiatives can't be achieved by a group of leaders or a few citizens. It can be achieved with the involvement of each one of us. Everyone doing his or her bit and the power at the back with a promise of full support to achieve these uphill tasks. The vacuum created post independence till recent, cannot be filled with fruitful results in a single go.

Following were the key messages from PM:

Khadi Drive:
Khadi not only symbolizes Mahatma Gandhi and his drive for Khadi but it promises Nationalism, patriotism and a surety of food reaching to the poor artisans, weavers living in remote villages, rural India. It means that the recent message from PM has been taken well where he said each home must buy at least one Khadi cloth. A pure product made in India by India for India. The drastic increase in Khadi usage and sales implies the commitment of masses towards our PM.

Swachh Bharat Mission:

This simple thing since independence had never struck to any of the leaders. And that is what spoiled the attitude of whole country. From top to bottom everything opposite to it was happening. For the first time someone has shaken the mind of masses. It has not only impacted upon each and every individual of any stature but has also segregated some good people who were working or the wrong leadership in opposition. The recent example is an opposition leader in South praising of this initiative openly and participating in the mission. Look at the opposition who have no guts, still, to say right things right. They have only one religion - to oppose without thinking once (or twice) and apply their common sense.

Engagement and Involvement of Masses:

These initiatives from PM has done a magic in the country. Right people sitting at wrong places have felt a new kind of power in their favor. So far the right were oppressed and were sidelined. Wrong had every right to do any absurd. These small chunk of people - whether in administration (who were being forced to play in the hands of wrong politicians), or in security (policemen) or politicians or the government officials. They all have felt a new ray of hope, a new binding force and someone at the top with a clear message - whether inside the house or in neighbor - rubbish will not be tolerated, at any cost. This is definitely a big boost for the right to do right and have someone at the back to support.

Healthy and Hygienic Country:

Now the health and hygiene of the country will earmark the health and hygiene of each and every individual of the country. The dirt and dirty minds will have to go off, once for all.

Empowered to take Initiatives:

Now, to do good, one has not to take permission or give bribe or in most of the cases sit silent for the sake of crossing lot of barriers. The message will take some time to reach to the bottom line of the country but the day is not too far when a policeman asking for a bribe on the road in place of a proper challan is gifted with a slap on his face, publicly. Now a helpless on the road will be attended to by any passerby.

Respect for each Soldier of My Country:

A soldier of any cadre, deserves full respect from each one of us. So far, none of the past governments (except a short tenure of Lal Bahadur Shastri) expressed gratitude and respect.

Black Money:

Once the minds are set, attitudes are changes, black marketeers and black money will automatically vanish. There used to be an air of fear so far who were right, now the direction of this air will change towards the wrongdoers and their survival will be difficult. 

Kill Drugs:

So far, with the power in wrong hands, the youth of our country never had a right direction, someone to hold their hand, someone to show them the right path, and someone to counsel them. Probably the time has come with right person on the top to use his power for right cause, in right direction. The process of trust and faith building has started. People have started admiring someone with a hope.

Heart to Heart Interaction:

A heart as big as Himalayas has promised every heart of India to hear, listen and talk. For the first time it is not the power game, it is something different. An openness and an invite to come forward, talk straight from your heart. Someone is there to listen, and to support, help. But in return, everyone has to promise to do their bit. It has to be an initiative for all, participated by all, supporting all, benefiting all.

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